The former glamour model announced her engagement to her 25-year-old part-time stripper / builder Kieran Hayler - who is thought to have proposed on Christmas Day - over the weekend and she has now "astounded" friends by revealing her intentions to wed for a third time this week, just two months after meeting. Her friends must be easily astounded.

A source close to the 34-year-old told the Daily Mirror: "Katie shocked everyone when she announced their plans to tie the knot so quickly. The fact they were engaged seemed to come out of the blue. Now, before that had time to sink in, she's whisking him away to get married. Hardly any of her pals are invited. But they are planning to come back and do the big showbiz version, probably with a mag deal and all the trimmings once they're husband and wife."

So it's like she's melding together her nuptials to both Peter and Alex. How lovely. In fact, come to think of it, will they get legally married at all what with the lack of witnesses? That would save her a bit of money in the divorce courts in a few months time.

Should the reality TV star walk down the aisle with Kieran for realz, it would be her third wedding following marriages to singer Andre, 39, and the cage fighter, and Katie is reportedly hoping her latest nuptials will be the "third time lucky."

The source added: "Katie thinks Kieran is the perfect gent and a normal, down-to-earth guy. He's really good with her kids too, but it still seems a bit sudden to her mates - even by her standards. She joked that this marriage will be third time lucky. Some of her mates aren't so sure."

One thing is for sure, once the magazine deal cheque has cleared, and the inevitable reality show about it all has worn even thinner than usual, it'll be time for "divorce" number 3.