Katie Price was invited to talk at Oxford Union, following in the footsteps of Winston Churchill and, more recently, Tinie Tempah.

During her talk, which had "proved very popular" (people will always be fascinated by how a much money a couple of fleshy mounds and a fist of hair extensions can make), Price reportedly addressed the sexualisation of children:

"To people who accuse me of in any way contributing to this over-sexualisation of kids, I say, 'What have I done sexually, or otherwise?" I'd love to sit around gasbagging about the Page 3 career and the released sex tape, but this here Gossip section is only one of my many daily tasks.

Price continued with: "I don't sleep around and I love being in relationships - I'm not interested in dating loads of guys or having one-night stands (apart from Gareth Gates, while pregnant with Harvey). And what have I done with Princess that's so wrong? What have I done generally?" If she'd just left it at the second last line, grand, but adding "What have I done generally?" It's just so broad a question. I'd have to answer "Nothing, and yet you've made millions. Gimme some. I'd actually write a book myself given the opportunity. Bitter, moi?"

As for that photo of Princess with a face full of makeup, which probably would've gone unnoticed had father Peter Andre not gone on about it in his column, Price said: "That photo of Princess wearing make-up was from my sister's Facebook page and was never meant to be made public. It was a one-off and I didn't approve it... Princess loves all that girlie stuff. She and her friends are always raiding my make-up bag, trying on my heels, trying to find new things. I think all little girls are like this. I don't encourage her - it's quite the opposite. I tell her, 'Do as I say, not as I do' (d'you know what, that kind of parenting is bound to work best when she's a teenager)... It's horrible when you see these pictures of young children wearing make-up, having fake tans and so on. It's sad."

Agreed, but who are they emulating exactly? Who really started the fake tan/hair/t*ts phenomenon - outside the porn industry in America, that is. Who made it mainstream? Who made walking around like an mutant Barbie a coveted career? Who's making a TV show encouraging people to taking their kit off in a shopping centre (apart from Gok).

Just asking 's all.