Katie Price has launched a new perfume which I'm sure you'll gather in your droves to get a whiff of. It's called Kissable and is said to contain a 'seductive' (read: vom-inducing) blend of grapes, plums, vanilla, orange, mandarin and honeysuckle. It'll be red in colour, with a tacky set of large lips residing at the bottle's top and it'll probably come with some sort of novelty fluff hanging off the gaudy box too.

Katie, 35, announced her new scent on Twitter, writing: 'my new perfume #Kissable will be coming out soon!!! you too could have a pair of lips like mine and be #kissable (sic)'

Well thank God for that; we (the women of the world) have been aspiring to have a set of somewhat swollen caterpillar lips like Jordan for an age now. Our hopes can finally come to fruition.

The scent is set for release on July 6 at £15.99 for a 50ml bottle.

Next on Katie's to do list is the release of a 'blinged up' baby and maternity clothes. More diamantes please.