Seems reasonable. Apparently it was a psychic who told her to marry yer man Kieran in the first place so, yeah, makes complete sense to seek more advice from one. Especially if your mum is hell bent on you seeing one...

Here's a bit of back up info in case you're tuning in for the first time in the last week: Price - who is six months pregnant with her fifth child - is struggling to cope in the wake of discovering her husband has been having a "full blown sexual affair" with her married best friend, Jane Pountney, for the last seven months and is seeking spiritual guidance to help decide whether she should end their marriage for good. Keiran has since been banished to the garden shed until Katie works out things.

Now that you're up to speed, the 35-year-old star's mother Amy has been pushing her to consult a medium, despite one (kind of) advising her to marry Kieran last year, leading her to tie the knot with the part-time stripper after a whirlwind romance.

A friend of Katie's told The Sun: "She's a big believer in psychics and Amy wants her to feel it'll be OK in the end. Things are so awful, she needs spiritual guidance. She wants to ask about the consequences of a divorce (um, she should know given she's had two already). It's hard for her, especially as she's worried about her pregnancy, but this might give her hope." And relieve her pockets from a bit of weight. Lord knows those maternity short shorts can't hold much loose change.

Katie previously admitted she had wed Kieran because a psychic told her the man of her dreams would be called Kelvin, and she decided his name was "close" enough.

However, the pal insists the mother-of-four isn't taking things lightly and she is desperate to make the right decision for the sake of her growing brood of children: "It's no laughing matter for her. She's desperate for answers. She thinks they're scheming to get their stories straight. And she says Jane would have liked flings with several of her exes - but only Kieran was stupid enough to fall for it."