Katie Price isn't content with being an odious stench, filling the magazines in the shelves of your local Spar, and clogging up your airwaves when you go channel surfing during episodes of Two and a Half Men, oh no. The "business woman" just recently did a documentary on the infamous joke comedian Frankie Boyle made about her handicapped son, Harvey, which apparently saw the "model" take a cable car to higher ground in search of further fame. I didn't see it, as the mere sight of her or her former husband - poor man's Nick Lachey, Peter Andre - makes me want to self harm. Anyhow, she just compared the two to Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston...

When speaking to Greg James of Radio 1, she spewed "I had six good years and we haven't been together for [two] years, but people keep bringing us up. It's like Brad [Pitt] and Jennifer [Aniston] - people are always talking about them." I like how she just used their first names; "it's soooo just like fellow global superstars and talented actors Brad and Jen." Last I recall Jennifer Aniston didn't become famous for getting her knockers out on page 3, while Brad Pitt avoided publicity whilst starring in some of the best movies of the past few decades. Andre is more like to shamelessly wear a t-shirt saying "Team Children" for the sake of the paps than have a hit single, or generally garner publicity from anything resembling worth. Price on the other hand just made a documentary to "educate" people. Riiiiiight

She added: "He's moved on. I've moved on. At the end of the day, I want him to be successful because he's the father of my children." Do you not want him to be successful because he's the father of your children AND because you don't want to bank roll his whiney ass? I do realise that is somewhat of a rhetorical question.

Mike Sheridan