Kelly Brook and Katie Price are at it again *yawn*. Kelly's thrown the first punch this time around, accusing Katie of being 'desperate' in their on-going feud. Someone give the girl a gold star for pointing out the obvious.

For those of you who've had better things to do with your time than watch a pair of airheads go at it on Twitter, the ladies have been engaged in bitter battle ever since Kellz kissed and made up with rubgy beau Danny Cipriani in February. It just so happens that Danny's done the rounds with Katie too, so it didn't take the former glamour model long to label curvaceous Kelly a "heifer".

Their exchanges have become even more classy of late, with Kate claiming that Danny would start sleeping around soon enough. And then came the rumours that she was planning a bit of a kiss and tell about her own, errr, relationship with Mr Cipriani.That certainly set the alarm bells ringing in Kelly's head, and so she did what any ordinary decent person would do: Aired her dirty laundry on the Twitter machine. She deleted the Tweets pretty quickly, but not before prying eyes managed to jot down her words.

'@MissKatiePrice Your doing a Kiss&Tell on Danny??' (sic.) she wrote.'Haha that's hilarious you dated for 5mins and was one of many at that time. Desperate.' Excuse us for laughing, we're just not sure why anyone would be proud to go out with a fella who has ever had 'many' on the go at once.

'@MissKatiePrice I saw the texts you sent him threatening me. So yes I've seen the messages. Will happily call you. DM me. (sic)' Kelly continued, before Katie finally took to Twitter to retaliate. '@IAMKELLYBROOK pick up the phone if you hav a prob instead of hiding behind a tv screen to bully me!' she wrote. '@IAMKELLYBROOK ask danny about his emails & texes sent to me behind your back which ill show you kieran agrees he will never be faithful (sic).' Because Katie's behaviour couldn't be described as bullying either...

And to think, the whole thing kicked off because Kelly made a joke about Katie's latest hubbie Kieran on Celebrity Juice. They're a right pair of classy buuuurds.