Yes, by us talking about her, we're giving her the attention she so desperately wants.

Yes, she's one of those people who lives off the hatred of others and is essentially that pink goo stuff from Ghostbusters II, but in human form. 

Yes to all of these things, but here we are, talking about her. And hating ourselves for doing so.

In her upcoming show, entitled Katie Hopkins: My Fat Story, she has a heated discussion with size-acceptance campaigners and diet bloggers.

One campaigner stood up and left the discussion to call the police, saying that the discussion was "to do with a hate crime".

Hopkins hit back, saying, "There's a telephone right there, feel free. Would you like it brought to you? Because it's probably going to be hard to walk there."


It's not known whether the police were in contact with Hopkins regarding the report made by the campaigner, but here's hoping.

Hopkins put on three stone in an attempt to lose said weight, claiming that fat people are just lazy and don't do enough to help themselves.

There are controversial public figures, with diverging opinions from the norm. And that's to be encouraged.

This shit, however, is out to offend people and get them worked up.

In summation? F*** her.