Katie Hopkins is well-known for her particularly abusive language, both in her columns, her radio show and her Twitter account - and today, she's been hit with a massive legal bill for it.

The London High Court ruled in favour of Jack Monroe, a writer / campaigner, who sued Hopkins for alleging that she supported a piece of graffiti written on a war memorial in London. Hopkins, in a series of tweets, claimed that Monroe condoned graffiti on the side of a war memorial after she confused her with another writer.

Monroe then replied to Hopkins' tweets, and offered her the chance to apologise and donate £5,000 to a migrant rescue charity. Hopkins refused and Monroe launched libel proceedings against the former Apprentice contestant. Hopkins will now have to pay £24,000 to Monroe and pay £107,000 on account of costs within 28 days, with the final legal costs to be determined.

Speaking after the judgement, Monroe's solictor, Mark Lewis, said that his client had "finally been vindicated in full from the libellous and wholly false accusation by Katie Hopkins that (Monroe) had supported the vandalisation of a war memorial. Jack Monroe never did and, coming from a proud military family, never would."

This isn't the first time Hopkins has been hit with a massive payout for making libellous comments, either. Mail Online was forced to pay out £150,000 after a column by Hopkins falsely accused a British Muslim family of extremism after they were stopped by US immigration officials en route to Disneyland.


Via Guardian.co.uk