Apparently Holmes and Gyllenhaal have been 'spending a lot of time together' recently, which of course means they're banging. Because two famous actors of opposing genders couldn't be in the same place at the same time and resist the urge to tear off their clothes and jump into bed together. According to Grazia, Katie has enjoyed numerous dinner dates with Gyllenhaal at his New York apartment, after the pair were introduced by her former Dawson's Creek castmate Joshua Jackson. Seems like Pacey Witter is still looking out for little Joey Potter.

While both Holmes and Gyllenhaal have had Broadway plays on in the last while, we've yet to have any evidence of the two being anywhere near each other, except for the fact that they've been to each other's shows. Meanwhile Tom Cruise has denied having anything to do with restauranteur Cynthia Jorge after being linked with her last week.

Also Jake, that's a mighty fine beard you have there.