Who knew fighting your way through a building's burning embers would be a turn on for dramatic sorts? Especially when the object of your affection if of the forboden variety... and he's a bit Rocknroll.

Kate Winslet and Richard Branson's nephew, Ned Rocknroll (I sh*t you not), who were snapped in central London this week, hit it off on the Virgin boss's Caribbean holiday island of Necker. To clarify, they were guests on the island when it was devastated by a fire last month. 'Cause Kate doesn't save 90-odd-year-olds from burning buildings every time she visits there (with her boyfriend). And sources say the couple - who were in London to attend the memorial service of Branson's dad Ted - have been an item ever since.

Ned, 33, works for his uncle's space venture Virgin Galactic. In case you're wondering about the surname, he changed it by deed poll from Abel Smith because he thought it would better suit his role at the firm. Yes, he does sound like a bit of a w*nker. And there's more.

He married society heiress Eliza Cowdray, 23, in a "lavish pagan ceremony" in 2009 at her family's sprawling estate in Sussex. Princess Beatrice was among the guests. You can see here there on the cover of HELLO!

But although the couple split earlier this year, Eliza has since claimed she wants to make a go of the marriage. But of course she has. She said: "I've changed my mind about the divorce. I am hoping this will turn out to be more of a break."

In which case, according to Ross Geller, Kate and Mr. Rocknroll can enjoy all the slap and tickle they can handle.