Kate Winslet is the Ice Queen having fought off the cold in Titanic (erm, spoiler?) and next starring in the chilly-looking The Mountain Between Us opposite Idris Elba.

Winslet went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night to chat about her new movie, at one point discussing doing a stunt which involved several takes of her falling through ice into freezing water.

On being asked why she insisted on doing the stunt herself, Winslet said: “Well, why would you not? I was really excited about this scene, and I did a film about a boat that crashes into an iceberg, and so it’s kind of my thing. I thought if anyone finds out that I didn’t go through this ice, this would be a whole other talk show. You wouldn’t have even had me on.”

She also talked about the challenge Elba had in having to pull her out of the water when she was soaking, in heavy clothes and unable to help him as she was meant to be unconscious.


You can watch an extended version of the clip here:


Fallon and Winslet also played a game of ‘Singing Whisper Challenge’ together and did pretty well as a team: