There's just no escaping the weddings, is there... Kate Moss is apparently due to hitch herself to Jamie Hince imminently and has gone down the usual route of making life difficult for the locals of the village the bride's hijacked.

According to The Mirror: "Kate is getting married in the morning and has basically closed down the entire town of Little Faringdon in the Cotswolds for the weekend, calling the celebrations Mosstonbury. Kate will get married in the local church with her daughter Lila and Sadie Frost's little girls as bridesmaids. The £500,000 reception will see 'numerous tents on her lawn, each with a different theme', according to the blabber mouth Reverand MacInnes. The party will have burlesque and Gaucho areas, drinks by Mahiki, food by The Dorchester's China Tang and Snoop Dogg, Shirley Bassey, Iggy Pop and Beth Ditto are all rumoured to be performing. One neighbour said about the plans: 'It is unsightly. We can see the panels from our house - they are all over the fields. I understand why she has done it... to keep intruders out. But it looks like she's running a festival'"

Correct, give that neighbour a medal, and she'll be getting down classy like in a John 'I Love the Jews, Me' Galliano dress by all accounts.