Looks like the rules of British modesty have gone out the window, if the rumours that Kate Moss is in line to be awarded an OBE turn out to be true.

The 39-year-old - who was recently announced at Contributing Editor for British Vogue - is tipped to collect an Order of the British Empire honour from Queen Elizabeth to highlight her achievements in the fashion industry.

According to The Daily Star: 'It's one of Kate's biggest wishes to be included in the ceremony. She has met the Queen, loves the royal family and has made an outstanding contribution to British fashion. It's looking good for her. Her friends have all tipped her for the gong.'

Kate's pal designer Stella McCartney received an OBE at Buckingham Palace in March this year after she was named Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards and was given the honour of dressing Team Great Britain at the London 2012 Olympics. She is said to have told the catwalk superstar that she would be up for one 'soon'.

The source added: 'After Stella was awarded an OBE last year, she told Kate afterwards her time would come soon.'

OBE is one of many honours distributed each year to individuals who have achieved excellence in a certain field. Hoovering up coke apparently now one of them.