Life is all about balance. First Kate Moss opens yet another Topshop store in London (amazingly, Anna Wintour turned up. Other not so surprising guests include Daisy Lowe, Holly Valance, Kelly Brook, Claudia Winklefeatures and Alexandra Burke. Also putting in an appearance was  Nicola Roberts in worrying number *squints at crotchular area* and Jamie Winstone's mahoosive black pants), before presumably getting showered in shiney golden coins by Sir Philip Green. Then she gets her (rhymes with) Banksy robbed while she sleeps.

Splash News reports: "Model Kate Moss has had three expensive paintings stolen from her home. The 36-year-old star was said to be sleeping at home in Maida Vale, north London, when the pieces of art, which include an £80,000 portrait by Banksy, were taken. It is thought she was not alone at the house, as her boyfriend Jamie Hince, 42, and mum Linda, 59, were reportedly sleeping there as well. A 24-year-old man has been arrested over the recent theft, according to Scotland Yard. A spokesman added to UK newspaper The Sun: 'Inquiries are ongoing'." Helpful.

Maybe that'll learn whoever keeps shrieking about Kate's modern art collection to the tabloids to shut their traps. Only two weeks ago there was a story in The Sun about how Kate was getting a Banksy mural commissioned in her home, oh - and while we're at it - she has a few hanging on the walls of her gaff which are primed for the pilfering. Just let yourselves in under the cloak of darkness.

Really though, whoever robbed the works must have been staking out Kate's pad (that being house) for quite some time - you know, just to make sure she was asleep. I always imagine herself and Jamie Hince hanging upside down from a beam made from drained bottles of Bollinger, mumbling to each other about songs they MUST record together, until at least 5am of a morning.