Kate Moss went out last night with Jamie Hince, Ash Atalla, Alison Mosshart, and several hangers on, stumbled between The Groucho Club and The Box, whereupon she changed her coat. That is all. It's big news for The Sun, but - in reality - she just wore Jamie's coat.

You see, here, she's wearing a leather jacket and he's wearing a coat, whereas here she's wearing the coat and he's carrying the leather jacket. I blame Janine off EastEnders (see here emerging with what appears to be Matt Berry, but no one picked up on that) as she was wearing a similar leather jacket and Kate couldn't be dealing with that.

The Matt Berry masquerader wasn't the only vagrant looking sort hanging out with a soap star at the Groucho Club, for here's Michelle off Corrie embracing a woolly mammoth.