Prince William and Kate are in the midst of fresh scandal after Italian mag Chi, the same one owned by the ever moral and upstanding Silvio Burlesconi that published the topless pictures last year, published fresh pictures from the royal couples holiday on the Caribbean island of Mustique with the first sighting of Kate's baby bump.

The photos existence was first reported on Sunday, and with today's publication of the magazine, the images have been flying around the internet, some censored, some not, depending on the origin of the site. The pictures taken show William and Kate, the later in a bikini with the tiniest of abdominal bumps, walking along the beach on the island.  British publications and websites are respecting the existing privacy agreement with the royals, while everyone else is showing the photos in their grainy, telescopic intrusiveness. A simple Google search reveals the images, if you're so inclined.

Now an Australian mag has said that it will go ahead and publish the photos also, despite being in the Commonwealth and protests from the royal family. Woman's Day said 'It wasn't a hard decision to run these photos. She is on a public beach and she was mingling with holidaymakers. There are other holidaymakers in the photos. It's a very different situation to the nude photos, there is no photographer hiding in the bushes and she is not inside a private villa.' Except that photos appear to be taken from a mile away and she clearly didn't consent to them being taken. Nice one Australia. You stay classy.

In a statement from St. James's Palace, the royal family have decried the photos and their subsequent publication, stating 'We are disappointed that photographs of the duke and duchess on a private holiday look likely to be published overseas. This is a clear breach of the couple's right to privacy'. Seems like the life of the would-be princess is never set to run smoothly.