OK. WHAT is going on at this UK Creative Industries Reception event? Did 70% of the guests wake up on the wrong side of their bed before attending this? Fearne Cotton's forgotten completely how to pose for the cameras; Legs together, not apart now Fearne, to-geth-ER. Then we have Edith Bowman who's given herself a pixie haircut that makes her forehead look like a fivehead. I just can't warm to those little mini fringes, maybe it's just me. And here's Holly Valance going hell for leather in a skin tight leather (you guessed it) dress. The halter neck, the material at the top and those honky shoes - not to mention those hoops - just don't amount to a very stylish look. Then again I am sitting here commenting on this in a hoody, so what the hell do I know. What I do know is that Stella McCartney's outfit is rank, fashion connoisseur or not. The whole suit looks like a set of oriental themed pyjamas - or a baggy onesie - while those shoes with the white platform (matched with the bag that just does not compliment the outfit in any shape or form) make me feel a bit queasy.

Those who hit the nail firmly on the head - in my humble opinion - were Made in Chelsea's Amber Atherton, Katy B and of course, The Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton. Kate can do no wrong in the fashion stakes and while it's nice to see her showing off her shapely pins in this outfit, what we'd really like to see is her adding more of her own personality to her wardrobe choices. She's just a little too safe. Remember how excited we got when she released her toes from those court shoes that she has them permanently couped up in? She was wearing that amazing green Jenny Packham dress. Well we want more of that, please. Then again, how crazy can you really go when you're the future Queen of England?