Can someone PLEASE give Kate some PR training? I really doubt producers of her latest acting endeavor want their new movie 'Snow Angels' publicised in the following manner... or do they? *waggles eyebrows*. Whether they do or not, there is always that step too far. Moviefone brought up Kate's proclaimed infatuation with genitalia in general in a recent interview: "You told an interviewer you'd rather eat a vagina than sushi. When stuff you say makes headlines, what's the reaction of your publicity team?" Kate replied: "I have to say, sushi freaks me out more than almost anything. At least a vagina would be warm. (laughs) My publicist has literally turned a funny color and is going to go have a lie-down. He's throwing up now, as well. I find a lot of things kind of funny and I often say what's on my mind, and then get nine texts from all my friends going, 'What's the matter with you?' But I haven't ever made a big attempt to have any particular image. And I don't really worry about it." Strange, you seem to be going out of your way to be associated with the image of a m*nge given this is the third sushi related story I've read about you in as many weeks (the second being her open refusal to wear underwear during a recent interview with Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson. That'd be the show on CBS, not the dirge that monopolises RTE1 every Friday).