Karl Lagerfeld has some mouth on him. You'd swear he was a vision himself; an oil painting. Rather though, he looks like an extra from Interview with the Vampire. Anyhoo, remember he made those comments about Adele being fat? Well has since come out to defend his words, adding more insult to injury in the process.

The Chanel creative director - who has claimed his remarks calling the singer 'a little too fat' were taken out of context - insists that although Adele is a 'beautiful girl', she needed to lose weight because she was 'a little roundish'.

Speaking on CNN's 'Fashion: Backstage Pass', he said: 'I never said that she was fat, I said that she was a little roundish. A little roundish is not fat. But for such a beautiful girl, after that she lost eight kilo [17.6 pounds], so I think the message was not that bad.'

Following Karl's comments last year, Adele, 25, insisted she had never aspired to be stick-thin.

She said: 'I'd lose weight if I was an actress and had to play a role where you're supposed to be 40 pounds lighter, but weight has nothing to do with my career.

'Even when I was signing [a contract], most of the industry knew if anyone ever dared say [lose weight] to me, they wouldn't be working with me.'