Looks like little baby North West is making her big debut this Friday, with Kanye sitting down with his daughter's grandmother Kris Jenner on her chat show and revealing what the newborn looks like to the world.

Audience members who were at the taping of the show earlier this week have said that Kanye shows off a picture of his daughter and Kim Kardashian for all to see. E!'s source said 'North is very beautiful. She has big cheeks, a lighter complexion than Kanye, but closer to Kanye's color than Kim's. She has straight black hair and almond eyes just like Kim. She has a round face and is really cute.'

'North was lying in a bed on her stomach [in the pic], she was wearing a dark onesie' the insider added, saying neither parent was in the photograph with North.

Apparently Kanye decided to show the picture not only because he's a proud papa, but because he doesn't want to make money off the pictures and is also sick of paparazzi stalking him and his family. '[Kanye] said he had decided he wanted to show the picture of North because they didn't want to make money on the photo and he is fed up of paps following him around' the studio audience member said, stressing that Kanye wants his daughter to 'be a normal kid'.

Kanye also took time on the show to tell Kim's mother how much he loves her daughter, saying he was 'in love with [Kim] from the moment he met her' and that they were the 'perfect match'. The hour-long episode is set to air on Friday, so we'll just have to hold out breath a little longer before we get to see who she looks like more.