The US Presidential Election will take place in 59 days, with current polling suggesting that Joe Biden is in the lead against incumbent Donald Trump.

Kanye West is currently in the running, but as for his chances of winning, it's basically non-existent - making his spending of $6 million so far being an utterly fruitless gesture. In fact, a poll conducted just last month found that 2% of black voters are considering supporting him.

Nationally, Kanye West is in a similarly poor position. A poll conducted on August 28th found that Yeezy is polling at 1% nationally, compared to Donald Trump's 42% and Joe Biden's 49%, with around 7% undecided. Not only that, West's unfavorability ratings are at close to 70%.

According to campaign documents filed with the Federal Electoral Commission, West has loaned the campaign $6,760,000 of his own money, with donations totalling just over $11,000 from small donors and fans. While that might seem like a fair chunk of money, the campaigns by the two major candidates are around $100 million.

So far, the rapper-fashion designer is only qualified for ballot access in 10 states, and missed deadlines in a further 27 states. Still, it's not only bad for West. He's received endorsements from Elon Musk, Kim Kardashian (his wife), and fellow rappers 2 Chainz and Chance The Rapper.