Professor West? Nope, it's not Hogwarts, it's L.A., and there are kids who are experiencing that right now.

Kanye is currently carrying out his court mandated community service resulting from his 2013 assault of a paparazzo by teaching a college course in Los Angeles. Now you'd think music production, or the intricacies of the music business or something like that would be his chosen field but no, West is lecturing students at the Los Angeles Trade Tech College in fashion.

Yes, the man who wore a selection of bejeweled masks and a leather skirt on tour is teaching the youth of tomorrow about fashion.

As if these kids weren't having a rough enough time dealing with the trials of college, now they have to deal with Kanye giving them a lecture. Not cute.

Doesn't he just look so enthused?

We really hope these guys don't have to present to him. They'd probably only get four words out before being interrupted with one of the best presentations of all time.