Well, this is awkward.

Kanye West has been pretty vocal in his support of Donald Trump over the past year or more, but thus far, no one has really questioned him on it - until now.

The rapper was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel's show on Wednesday night and Kimmel quizzed him on his admiration for the POTUS - and how that correlated with his presumed dislike of former president George W. Bush, who he famously accused of 'not caring about black people' in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

“Whether we like his personality or not, his actions are really what matter. You so famously and so powerfully said ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people. It makes me wonder, what makes you think that Donald Trump does?”

West was lost for words - so much so that Kimmel was forced to take a break to give him time to answer. However, following the break the conversation went elsewhere.

Watch it below: