Jay Z obviously saw what an amazing time Paul Rudd, Peter Dinklage, Bobby Cannavale, and Joe Lo Truglio had here back in March. That or he's just bringing Kanye to Dublin Zoo to hang out with the Phoenix Park stags...

The 36-year-old rapper is preparing to marry his fiancée Kim in Paris later this month, and it's now been revealed that he's planning to spend his final night as a single man in Dublin with Jay Z (who's officially in charge of looking after everything since declining the wedding invite...)

A source told The Sun: "Kanye loves Dublin, as does Jay Z, and it's pretty close to Paris so it's a perfect option before the wedding. He has had his people looking into places like The Four Seasons and the Ritz Carlton and clubs they could take over for a night." So not The Zoo then. Shame.

Kanye is said to be keen to host a bachelor party here because he wants to be able to do what he wants for one more night before he embraces Kim and the rest of the Kardashian clan.

The source added: "Kim will be doing her own thing with the girls and Kanye knows that in Dublin he would pretty much be left to himself." Because they have absolutely zero interest in coming here? We'll take that as a compliment.

This could be the second bachelor party the Bound 2 star celebrates as it was previously claimed Jay will throw him a lavish celebration at his New York club 40/40.

Kanye was reported to have tied the knot with Kim last week, but the 33-year-old beauty quashed the rumour saying, "Still Kim, Mrs. West soon", at the Met Gala earlier this week. Kim also took to Twitter to clear up a number of rumours surrounding her nuptials in case yer interested... It's going to be a "small wedding' (compared to what...), "no guest list has been released", and other such things.