All eyes are firmly set overseas today as the US election votes are counted in their millions.

However, with Trump and Biden currently too close to call (apart from the former already claiming a victory and that counting should cease), eyes were on another candidate who ran as an independent. After his on-again/off-again 2020 plan, Kanye West concedes his presidential run after winning many more votes than expected.

According to Deadline, 60,000 votes will have been cast for Kanye across 12 states, with the candidate receiving 10,188 votes in Tennessee alone. He also ranked in fourth place in some state races, but the percentage of his vote was .04% or lower.

The rapper started off his day by informing his followers on Twitter that yesterday was the first day he ever voted in a US election. And he voted for himself.

Interestingly, Kanye cast his vote in the state of Wyoming where his name didn't appear on the ballot (but he was a name on 12 other states). As his name wasn't on the ballot there, he wrote his own name down on his vote. If he files additional paperwork and pays a fee, his vote may indeed be counted.

However, many hours into the election count, Kanye West concedes, writing on his Twitter that he will make a plan for his future election plans.

Kanye 2024 is already in the pipeline.

Kanye West's presidential run for 2020 ended up fairing much better than anyone expected. The race for 2024 could - yet again - be an interesting one.