We don't know why Kanye West was allowed to speak uninhibited to a crowd of impressionable youths, but we guess that just comes with the price of admission to Oxford University.

Keeping himself in the headlines with another series of rantings that really do boggle the mind, West stood before an audience of student's in Oxford's Guild Society this evening talking about his ego, which he claims he has shed, his art, Obama, Beyonce and the world in general. Prepare yourselves for an onslaught of Kanye madness.

West began by talking about his college experience, but then, if The Tab Oxford's tweets are to be believed, it descended into garbled sideways weirdness that's hard to comprehend.

Kanye West, if you weren't aware, sells all manner of clothes at extortionate prices, including his latest 'Yeezy Boosts', which went for $350 a pop. We really wish someone had brought that up.