Family Feud, in case you didn't know, is a gameshow that's hosted in the US by Steve Harvey where he's basically shocked by people attributing dirty answers to questions that are absolutely worded to have them.

For example, name something that your wife hates you doing - and you answer fart. Steve Harvey goes nuts, everyone laughs, and on it goes. The format's a little dry, but it did spawn one of the best segments in Jimmy Fallon's career when he and members of The Roots went head-to-head.

Here's that clip, just for reference and because it's actually quite funny.

Anyway, the reason why Family Feud is being discussed is because Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West are apparently planning to do an episode of Family Feud, and will face off against the various members of their family.

According to a video posted by Kim Kardashian-West, the couple are apparently a huge fan of the TV quiz show - however no air date has been announced and it's not even known if it's been filmed yet.

It's... yeah, it's all odd. Take a look at the video announcing it, complete with Kanye saying nothing.