He's been known to bang on about he's the embodiment of real 'Rock 'n Roll.' Well, his fancy tea set may indicate otherwise. And sure why not, he's a daddy now. We'd be giving out if he was demanding cases of champagne and "your finest brandy."

According to Independent.ie: "Kanye wants tea - served in fancy ceramic tea cups. And the newlywed's management team have also requested three different types of water for the 37-year-old while he's in town. Food-wise he likes to snack on fruit platters and cheese boards - and bans any sign of fizzy drink Coca Cola from his four dressing rooms. In order to make sure the Grammy winner is completely comfortable, he asks for two spacious love seats, an XBOX 360 and a full DVD entertainment system."

Ceramic? No fine bone china?! Way to keep it real, Kanye.

Meanwhile, there are several Kim doppelgangers doing the rounds about town, so be warned...

Via Twitter