Kanye West has joined the lengthening line of celebrities who lose the run of themselves in airports. And he was doing so well...

He and a paticularly overly zealous bodyguard were arrested in LAX for allegedly vandalising the property of some lurking paparazzi. The following account comes from someone called Eric, by way of TMZ. He works for the website and is the only person to have captured footage of, well, Kanye trying to be tough while sporting what looks like an Yves Saint Laurent backpack.

"Erik says he was at Terminal 4 (American Airlines) when he noticed a still photog taking several pictures of Kanye West. Erik says West rushed the photog and grabbed his camera. A struggle ensued and the still guy was screaming, 'Police, help!' Erik says Kanye then took the still camera and threw it on the ground, breaking it into pieces. Erik then went over to Kanye, his camera rolling, when Kanye's bodyguard walked up to him, realized Erik was taping, and said, 'Give me the camera, give me the camera.' Erik responded that he had a press pass and had a right to shoot. The assistant then grabbed the camera, ripped off the mic and viewfinder and smashed it to the ground. Erik says Kanye then tried to leave to board his plane, but cops stopped him before he got to security. The cops then interviewed Erik, the still photog, Kanye and his assistant. This is where it gets crazy. The cops asked Erik if he videotaped the incident and Erik said he had. That's when Kanye lunged toward him and said, 'Give me the f**king videotape.' Cops had to restrain Kanye as he tried coming at Erik." The footage doesn't quite match this account - I was however, more intent on deciphering the make of aforementioned oh-so-manly rucksack. Seriously - is it Yves Saint Laurent or Gucci?

Kanye and his bodyguard have since made their $20k bail and will face charges on October 2nd.