The following is all very bizarre, involving an extremely unwarranted display of racism/chivalry, a chiropractor's office, and a gung ho massage therapist.

The 'New Slaves' rapper's fiancee was swamped by paparazzi in Beverly Hills yesterday, with things turning very nasty when an 18-year-old - who initially appeared to be helping her - reportedly started screaming abuse.

The unknown randomer is said to have first talked about the photographers, saying: "F**k these fa***t-ass n*****s," as he helped Kim into a building.

When she pointed out that it was inappropriate to use the N-word, he turned on her and, according to TMZ, shouted: "F**k you bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n****r lover, stupid sl*t."

Kim then watched the man walk into a chiropractor's office, before calling Kanye. Not sure that was a wise move, but anyway. When the man realised who she was on the phone to, he reportedly shouted: "F**k you n****r."

Kanye then appeared a short time later and went into the chiropractor's waiting room, where the alleged altercation took place. Witnesses claim Kanye punched the 18-year-old while Kim told him: "We have it all on tape."

A massage therapist at the practice then broke up the two men and the police were called. The man - obviously a nutcase - said he wanted to press charges against Kanye. A police spokesperson has confirmed the Stronger star is now a suspect in a battery investigation and wanted for interview. The incident may also be referred to the Los Angeles County District Attorney for prosecution.

Kanye is already in the bad books for allegedly assaulting a photographer at a Los Angeles airport in July last year. He has pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal battery and attempted grand theft (must've been quite the lense on the camera in question), but the case is yet to be resolved.

So, what would you do in that situation? Ring your fiance to directly involve him in an altercation, or just ignore the rampant racist? It's a very hard one to call...