First Ryan Gosling gets taken away from us and now Kaley Cuoco has just added a second tick in our Cons column with the news that she's the new other half to Superman himself. You're in for it now Kaley. You're on our list. (we're kidding, obvs).

Despite rumours earlier in the week that the pair were an item, which we brushed off because last we knew Henry Cavill was with MMA and Haywire star Gina Carano and we thought there would have been some bruising on Cavill's pretty face had he dumped her and moved on so fast (again, kidding), but lo and behold, they're singing loud and singing it proud and walking hand in hand to the market together, confirming that they are officially off the 'available' one. And just look how delighted Henry is?

The two are actually just being completely open about it and rubbing it in all our faces now, with them going hikes and all sorts of business. What celeb goes on a hike if they don't want to be seen like? Brats.