Don't know about you, but I hate being serenaded, particularly in public. It's soooooo embarrassing, and it happens all the time.

Seemingly Justin Timberlake serenaded Jessica Biel on their wedding day. And there we thought he wanted to forget his music career to concentrate on being a serious actor.

It wasn't Sexyback acapella, or Cry Me a River (it wouldn't be the most inappropriate song a groom has sang his bride; my mother-in-law[ish] sang Engelbert Humperdinck's Please Release Me, Let Me Go at her wedding), instead the 31-year-old singer/actor sang one of his previously unreleased songs at the couple's nuptials in southern Italy on Friday (19.10.12) - which saw The Roots' drummer Questlove DJ at the reception - and he dedicated the performance to his new wife.

A source told Us Weekly: "Questlove played a bunch of Justin Timberlake songs, but no *NSYNC. Justin performed one song at the wedding. It's a new one that he hasn't released yet. He dedicated it to Jessica." Well, it was the least he could do after kicking off the promotional tour of his soon-to-be released single in the midst of their wedding reception.

The couple decorated the ultra-exclusive Borgo Egnazia resort in Puglia completely in white floral arrangements for their big day and even inside of the private hotel complex, where the reception was held, was "draped in white and filled with white flowers."

An eyewitness said: "Even the balconies facing the main courtyard were dressed with white blooms. Small white heart shaped petals fell on the couple as they left the chapel."

Andy Samberg, Jimmy Fallon and Beverley Mitchell all attended the couple's nuptials, and Justin - who has been dating the 30-year-old actress for around five years (on and off) - admitted it was "magical. It was an unforgettable evening."

Jessica added: "It was a fantasy."