The 42-year-old star, who's been engaged to Jennifer Aniston for the last two years, was reportedly forced to dig through the bins looking for food during the 1990s in order to survive as he was a struggling actor living in New York City.

He told the latest issue of Details magazine (worth clicking on for the picture alone *drools*): "I used to garbage-pick. It sounds much more disgusting than it is. You learn a lot about society by seeing what's thrown away. During the period I was doing that, a lot of great stuff was being tossed." It's OK, Justin, I too have encountered 'bin pizza'. It was from my own bin, mind, so that doesn't really count (it was also still in the box. And alcohol may have been consumed).

It's safe to say the actor's profile has rocketed since he began dating the Friends actress three years ago, but he admits he never wanted to become famous. Seriously. Fame is just a byproduct of acting, don't you know.

Justin elaborates: "There's a huge distinction between wanting to act and wanting to be a famous actor. Most of the people that jump off buses in Hollywood just want to f**ing 'make it.' And I never had that drive. Honestly. I could never visualise myself in that way." Probably because you were presumably picking up 'bin pizza' for dinner.

Meanwhile, Justin proposed to Jennifer, 45, on his 41st birthday (August 10th), but he insists they've got no plans to tie the knot just yet as they are enjoying being engaged.

Asked whether he has any big plans for his 43rd birthday this year, he told Good Morning America yesterday: "This birthday, I think, will be just cakes and, you know, who knows? We'll see. It's hard to top after the proposal. We're also loving the engagement as well."