There's a bang of the Gigli's off this. Not that JLo and Ben Affleck were responsible for writing Gigli (one Martin Brest wrote it), more that films involving real life couples can be turkeys (here's looking at you Eyes Wide Shut, Alfie, Truth or Dare...) On the upside, Justin's script writing chops are impressive, while Jennifer Aniston generally seems like a laugh riot. In other words, it's going to be a comedy.

A source told National Enquirer: "They worked out a story idea and a list of characters, and when Justin went away on a job for a week, Jen was so inspired she just kept on writing - alone." You can tell what's coming, can't you.

Unfortunately Justin was reportedly less than impressed with her efforts and it's caused tension between the couple. As if they needed any more.

The source said: "Jen got the message loud and clear, shrieking, 'Are you kidding me? You're the one who pushed me to do this. I told you I wasn't a writer'. Justin wisely zipped it as Jen angrily ripped up her pages and stormed off."

The couple - who have been engaged for almost two years - have yet to walk down the aisle, and given Jennifer's hectic plans it won't be anytime soon: "There is a lot of work that is happening this year. I'm working and finishing tweaking little bits and pieces of my house. But then its going to stop, and we're just going to live there. 2015 will be nesting, 100 per cent, I've got to take a break."