Suddenly it's the late '90s and we're watching 'Celebrity Deathmatch' on MTV again except this time Justin Bieber is legit calling out Tom Cruise in real life and we're not even sure what's real any more.

It all started in the early hours of this morning when Justin Bieber tweeted the following out of nowhere in almost Trumpian style.

Our biggest takeaway from all this? Bieber didn't tag Cruise and that's because he's a coward (or possibly just very good at getting attention when he needs it, or both).

Obviously, this level of gauntlet throwing down caused quite the stir, and some of the reactions are chef's kiss level good.

Justin Bieber calling out Tom Cruise for a fight on Twitter is both the most 2019 thing that could happen and the least surprising thing that could happen because that's just the crazy permanently-on-fire world we live in now.