Justin Bieber could be headed to the slammer over that incident outside his home in March if the LA County Sheriffs Department get their way, or at least that's what TMZ are saying.

Bieber is still being investigated over the incident involving his neighbour in March, where he was confronted by the unnamed man for speeding in the area in his Ferrari,and Justin allegedly spat at the man after ordering him off his property and threatening to 'f*cking kill' the man in question. The Sheriffs Department yesterday sent a file to the District Attorney recommending that Beebs be charged officially with battery, and that he needs to undergo counselling to rein in his escalating bad behaviour, otherwise he is going to get his ass kicked' or 'someone's gonna get a $2 million payday' .

It was only yesterday that Bieber was busted for speeding in a rented Lamborghini in Dubai, setting off six speed cameras in a row, which he is by law too young to rent in the country, and he was attacked on stage by a fan and miraculously keep singing perfectly. Bieber's case in LA is currently under review.