Conor McGregor's shocking defeat to Nate Diaz has caused waves throughout the MMA world, with many fans taking to Twitter to voice their support for the Featherweight Champion.

McGregor, who's been gracious in his defeat, has stayed off Twitter since the fight. However, his supporters have lined up to offer condolences for the Crumlin native, including a few well-known faces.






Already, much has been made of McGregor's comments following the fight and speculation is rife as to what his next move will be. Many believe that McGregor will drop down to the Featherweight division to defend his title against Jose Aldo, Jr. or Frankie Edgar at UFC 200.

For his part, McGregor believes that his defeat last night was a lesson for him. "I’ll defend my belt and I believe Nate will fight Dos Anjos now and I think after I defend my belt and climb myself back up I will get my shot at that lightweight belt. Maybe me and Nate can do it again."

Not only that, McGregor explicitly called out Jose Aldo's comments on Twitter, saying that "another man gets a victory over me and he celebrates it, that’s the sign of a loser, that’s the sign of a runner-up. Not the sign of a champion. I know there’s a lot of people celebrating this, celebrating another man’s victory. I cannot understand that."


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