He's just moved into the top floor of a condo in Beverly Hills. What's a 20-year-old superstar going to do? Have a few sessions, a course! His fellow residents are, however, less than impressed and after two nights of rooftop parties they've been engaged in talks with local police regarding how they can place him under citizens arrest.

TMZ report that police were summonsed to the property no less than 6 times over the weekend due to Bieber's revelery and it's "excessive noise." He had 75 guests on Saturday, and then enjoyed a bit of a more low key soiree on Sunday with just 20 attending. They left the rooftop in a state (well, there were plastic red cups left on EVERY surface) and seemingly spread the stench of "pot" in the hallways and lifts.

According to residents, drug use was clearly evident, with one telling TMZ: "There were bimbos lining up to do drugs in the lobby bathroom."

Apparently the police have held talks with the have spoken to Bieber, his management, and the disgruntled neighbours in a bid to bring a resolution to the situation.

"We're told police informed residents cops can't make an arrest for a misdemeanor if they don't see it happen... but the residents can take matters into their own hands by placing Bieber under arrest."

Watch this space.