The Beebs was in town for his first gig in the O2 ahead of his European tour and it looks like the wee whipper snapper decided that it called for a celebration, heading out to both the Grafton Lounge and Everleigh Gardens on Sunday night, where he was snapped and sent about all over Facebook and Twitter, sending pre-teen girls into a fury about their inability to stay out after dark presumably. Because if you're actually old enough to be in a club with Bieber and are excited about it, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Now Justin is 18 himself, so one would imagine he'd take the opportunity to get well and truly blotto (when in Rome, after all), but according to their own Twitter, account Everleigh Gardens are saying he stuck strictly to 'juice' even though there's obviously copious amounts of booze surrounding him on the table, and VIP areas in both establishments were roped off for Justin and his 30-strong entourage according to the Independent. 'He was flanked by a team of six burly security guards and arrived in a fleet of Mercedes and Range Rover jeeps. Justin stayed till about 1am in the Grafton Lounge before he was whisked off to Everleigh Gardens where he stayed for a good while. He was in flying form, he was even up dancing at one stage and looked like he was having a ball.' And of course they're ignoring the fact he was wearing sunglasses indoors at night time. Because that's not at all an idiotic thing to do. No. Not one bit.