What's worse than a walk of shame home after a night on the tiles? A walk of shame in front of paparazzi outside Justin Bieber's hotel. That's the price you pay for hanging onto the coattails of a teen celeb.

Beiber spent Tuesday night on the tiles in London ahead of his UK dates, and ended up bringing three girls back to his hotel for what we can only imagine to be one hell of a session, one of which was wannabe celeb Ella-Paige Roberts Clark. Well she wins the award for most ostentatious name of the year anyway. Rocking back to the Langham Hotel at 4am, Bieber went in solo, shortly followed by Roberts Clark and two of her mates. Bieber didn't make an appearance again until yesterday afternoon, looking quite sketchy and trying to get as easily and quickly out of sight. And the girls?

Well, Ms. Roberts Clark wasn't spotted the following day, but her mate was, and unfortunately got papped on her walk of shame home in the same outfit as the night before and it's not exactly daytime wear. So there's no way of lying to her mum about having a quiet night in studying then. Scarlet.