Justin Bieber's fans are numerous, but this recent survey shows he's not as popular as some may think.

According to a poll carried out by E-Poll Market Research, the survey of 1,110 people put Justin Bieber as the fifth most hated man in the US.

The Baby singer was ranked ahead of Phil Spector, who actually murdered actress Lana Clarkson and Michael Lohan, the father of Lindsay Lohan.

Ex-LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who was taped by his girlfriend making obscene comments, topped the list whilst OJ Simpson and Conrad Murray tied for the third place.

Here's the list in full. Weep for society, folks.

  • Donald Sterling 92%
  • Bernie Madoff 90%
  • O.J. Simpson, Conrad Murray 88%
  • Justin Bieber 86%
  • Phil Spector 83%
  • Aaron Hernandez 81%
  • Michael Lohan 76%
  • Eliot Spitzer 73%
  • Jon Gosselin 71%


Via NationalLedger.com