Justin Bieber is reformed, you guys. Since this incident originally took place in August last year, he's apologised on Ellen, then apologised via YouTube, then apologised again during his Roast, and has generally just been really sorry for the last 6 months. Therefore it'll come  as little surprise that he's pleading guilty to the string of charges brought against him in his native Canadia. 

According to People.com, Bieber: "pleaded guilty Thursday to assault and careless driving in connection with an accident that happened in Canada last August. An additional charge of dangerous driving was dropped, his lawyer confirmed to CBCNews. The singer was fined $750 for the careless driving charge and received an absolute discharge on the assault charge. Bieber did not attend court but appeared by a video link, the Toronto Star reports. He was dressed in a white-collared shirt and declined to speak before being sentenced."

For those looking for deets regarding the incident itself; it all kicked off in Stratford, Ontario, when Bieber was driving an ATV, which collided with a minivan. "The incident led to a physical altercation."

On top of that, Selena Gomez was in the passenger seat. That was obviously the proverbial straw. There has been so many straws