Everything's coming up roses for Justin Bieber. Here he is, larking about on a beach in Panama. And sure why wouldn't he - he's got a new model girlfriend who's into drag racing and he's reportedly had all his charges quashed.

But back to Bieber land and how everything seems ticketyboo. He has has been parasailing with Chantel Jeffries in Panama. He fled his legal woes in the US - where he was charged with driving under the influence (DUI), driving with an expired license and resisting arrest after he was caught drag racing in Miami last week - to go to Central America, where he is enjoying some down time with his rumoured new girlfriend.

The 21-year-old was riding alongside Justin, 19, when his rented Lamborghini car was stopped by police in the early hours of last Thursday, and is thought to have been accompanying the star for a whole week. She wrote on Twitter earlier today: "God's plan is the best plan," and aside a picture of her in a bikini: "Panamanian tan." She also posted some really insightful pearls of wisdom like "Pressure makes diamonds." I bet their conversation is scintillating.


On the upside, there had been rumours that his DUI charges had been quashed. That he paid $2,500 bail and skipped on out of there with just one charge of resisting arrest. That's not true now apparently.

The MIrror is now reporting: "Conflicting reports suggested a dramatic U-turn by authorities had taken place and that 19-year-old Bieber would only answer one misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest without violence. However, Ed Griffith, a spokesman for the county state attorney's office has offered clarification, saying in a statement: 'Contrary to erroneous media reports, no charges have been dropped because until arraignment (the actual filing of charges in a criminal court), no charges have been filed. 'Poorly defined readings of the Court Clerk's website will lead to erroneous reports, such as this one. Expect no Bieber legal activity until the arraignment'."

Every cloud.

Apologies if this lowers the frivolity of the article, but Bieber should be court ordered to meet the families of those who've died at the hands of DUI drivers. Just a thought.

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