Someone clearly hasn't watched any episodes of Border Security: Australia's Front Line (fancier name for Nothing To Declare, wouldn't you know).

Bieber is currently touring Australia - much to the joy of certain local officials/graffiti enthusiasts - when himself and a tour member got themselves into a spot of bother at Brisbane airport. One of his entourage was caught with weed, and then Justin tried to deflect attention by swearing at a female customs official. Well, why else would he be stupid enough to swear at an Australian customs official.

The Mirror reports: "A spokeswoman for the Australian Federal Police confirmed Justin, who is currently Down Under on tour, and his pals were stopped within minutes of them landing in the Australian city. A 23-year-old US national has been ordered to attend court in Brisbane on Friday and a 19-year-old was given a verbal warning by the Australian Federal Police for using inappropriate language while speaking to a customs officer. Justin was also reportedly threatened with arrest when he refused to remove his hat and glasses before a customs inspection."

Listen, he needs to blow off a bit of steam and earn a little "cred" for himself given he has to get onstage and sing "Baby, baby, baby, OOOOOH, Baby, baby, baby, OOOOH" on repeat for what seems like an eternity. No wonder he spews onstage.