And so they come crawling forth... well, they will do according to Wayne's mouthy cousin, Natalie. Peggy Mitchell would be outraged with her views on faaaaaamily sticking togevvah (honestly, it was like an inappropriate reimagining of King Kong getting Phil into the front room last night. I half expecting to see him straddling the Vic's roof, with various blonde Mitchell in his flailing mitts tonight).

More than willing to spill to The Sun, Wayne's 21-year-old relative said: "I've heard there's more to come out about Wayne and she's not the only girl he's been with. To be honest, I am not surprised. Once a cheat, always a cheat. It's not going to be easy for them because they've got a child. But she's a fool if she doesn't [dump him]. She's got her own career and her own money now, so she doesn't need him. I know the whole family will be appalled and disgusted. When little Kai is old enough to understand... it's just wrong."

Speaking of appalled family members, Coleen's parents are unsurprisingly livid. One loose lipped family friend said: "It took a lot for them to forgive him last time. But this time Wayne and Coleen are married and it is adultery, which they absolutely won't accept (they're "staunch Catholics, you see). The fact that it happened when Coleen was pregnant has left everyone sickened."

They'll be thrilled to hear that 21-year-old prostitute Jenny Somethingorother was a coke addict at the time of her seven-time dalliance with Wayne; it's whey she turned to prostitution in the first place. The usual. An ex-colleague who worked with her at the J2nightclub, a Bolton hotspot, said: "She started in 2007 as a VIP hostess and general eye candy. At this point she certainly wasn't a pro. Then a few months in, she met a few older men in the VIP area called the Platinum Lounge. They started looking after her with drinks and she'd have sex with them in the toilets, but not for cash. Two years ago she got badly into coke, and got into a bit of a mess. It was then her problems began. She had to find a way to pay for the stuff and ended up how she has." Attractive.

Last night, Jenny refused to talk to snappers outside her house - when she left with a friend to get a McDonalds.

While that was happening, Wayne was reportedly on the phone to Coleen, offering to pull out of tonight's European qualifier, to which she responded: "I don't want to see you. Just go and play football. I don't need you anymore."

In some upbeat marital news; Ferne Cotton's after getting engaged. Yaaay. And she went to SUCH lengths to divert attention from her hands over the weekend... by wearing large wooly gloves when out for a walk.