This is like being told that there's no such thing as the Tooth Fairy, or that your name isn't really your name, or basically that everything you've ever known has been a lie.

A new grammar fact that is doing the rounds on social media courtesy of dictionary Merriam-Webster has revealed that the phrase 'just desserts' - as in 'Well, they got their just desserts' to signify that someone got what was coming to them - is incorrect.

It is, in fact, 'just deserts'. Yes, it has nothing to do with ice-cream or banoffee pie or lemon meringue. Deserts, not desserts.

Even more confusingly, it's still pronounced as 'desserts', because the English language is very confusing. But next time you'll know to spell it 'deserts' in your head.

Okay, okay. So, personally, we don't use the phrase very often. But still...

Other people were just as surprised as we were...


Every day's an education, people.