Undoubtedly, when we think of Larry Gogan, we think of that silky-smooth voice of his, Larry Gogan's Golden Hour, and of course, the Just A Minute Quiz.

For those of you unaware or perhaps didn't grow up with it, the gist of it was this - Larry Gogan would ask you a series of questions in just a minute, and the answers would be tallied at the end. If you didn't do so well, Larry would commiserate you with what's now essentially a catchphrase in Irish popular culture, "Ah, the questions didn't suit you..."

With Gogan's unfortunate passing at the age of 81, people have been sharing their memories of the Irish DJ and, of course, some of the best / worst answers from the Just A Minute Quiz on Twitter. It's worth pointing out as well that these answers were A) all real, B) done on live radio and C) by people who called into the show.

Here's a few examples.