It would seem, in the current celebrity-lauding climes, that lolling about a couch looking half-baked, wheezing out a cackle and mumbling "and now it's time for Friends" makes your passing thoughts worthy of movie consideration. Just when we thought the effervescent talent of June Sarpong had disappeared from our lives, she comes out with this clanger regarding an idea for a sitcom which, as if by magic, suddenly warrants an outing on celluloid: "Daisy Donovan is doing re-writes for us and we're talking to Anna Friel so fingers crossed it should all come together for next year. The idea was my own. I used to be a plugger for a record company before I did TV (i.e. before she got madourvit in Ibiza, made Jimmy Carr look amusing by comparison, and rolled around the T4 studio for a number of years). "It's like a Devil Wears Prada but in the music industry." Ooooh, now THAT'S originality, right there. Here, I've an idea for a film - does anyone want to fork over big bucks to produce it so we can get the male equivalent of Anna Friel to star as the psycho flat mate? Thought not... Hey, how about I give said flat mate a trendy job, as that appears to be a prerequisite for script approval these days?! No, please wait, I'm riddled with ideas!