The iconic actress has revealed in a recent BBC interview that she was diagnosed with Stage Three bowel cancer. In the interview, she speaks about how her husband reacted when she told him.

Julie Walters has revealed that she was diagnosed with Stage Three bowel cancer 18 months ago. Although she is now all in the clear, the 69-year-old actress did have to undergo chemotherapy. Speaking on a recent BBC show interview, she discusses how shocking the discovery was to hear.

Walters, whose past movie roles have included 'Momma Mia!', 'Brooklyn', 'Billy Elliot', and of course the 'Harry Potter' franchise, spoke openly about her diagnosis with Victoria Derbyshire, and how she and her husband reacted to the unexpected news.

First going to see her doctor with indigestion and a "slight discomfort", she later began to suffer from stomach pain and vomiting.

After discovering that it might be cancer, she describes what her husband Grant Roffey's response was: "I said, 'They’re worried it’s cancer'. I'll never forget his face. And tears came into his eyes and I thought 'Oh Grant!' So then I worried about him."

Walters said that her first initial reaction was: "Shock."

Julie Walters was filming her forthcoming movie 'The Secret Garden' when she received the phone call. She has since said that the movie may be her last.


Via BBC.