Now if that isn't a reason to go see the film, I've no other motivational fodder at my disposal... 'cause *whispers* it's reportedly paaaaaants.

Anyway, Larry Crowne star Julia Roberts has said her co-star Tom Hanks almost killed her on a scooter on the set of their new movie. Roberts, 43, revealed at the Los Angeles premiere of the new flick that Hanks didn't have the greatest skills on a Vespa. She said to ET (that being Entertainment Tonight, not a scrotum themed alien from the 80s): "He almost killed me. He almost took one of my legs off - the good leg!" Yay, a story one of Sir Paul McCartney's exes can relate to - if that isn't worth my fingers pounding into a keyboard while by belly screams for lunch I don't know what is.

Despite the alleged-and-feasibly-fabricated-for-PR near amputation, Roberts added that she was still 'flattered' Hanks to be asked to star in the movie (despite it being a poisioned chalice given Eat, Pray, Love was also pants) - which had it's LA premiere last night (Rita Wilson = Rachel Zoe's future).

The movie hits cinemas on July 1st. If you're a Tom Hanks fan, best just rent Toy Story 3 again.